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Synchronous Services:

Mission Statement
Synchronous Technologies endeavors to provide the highest quality Internet solutions for our customers. Limited only by imagination, Synchronous Technologies' will accomplish everything our customers need to be successful on the Internet. Our products and services will be continually upgraded and define state-of-the-art. No other Internet services company can or will provide the value to our customers that we can.

A Synchronous Mission
Synchronous Technologies is a company dedicated to providing state-of-the-art Internet solutions to any business. There aren't many companies that can honestly say that you are only limited by your imagination, but it's true. Anything that you can imagine, we can do.

Marketing in the 21st Century
As you have probably seen, marketing your company is not as easy as it once was. Whether you sell products or services, the Internet has brought you closer to your customers than ever before. Of course, you are now in competition with more companies than ever before. The name of this game is information - you must now market yourself efficiently and better than your peers, or be forced to lose market share and profitability. A good website can help. Customers can learn about what you are selling and buy your products and services right then and there. On the other hand, a bad website can drive customers away. At Synchronous Technologies, we understand the value of a comprehensive, thought-out marketing approach that integrates a top-of-the-line website into your business model. Your website should make you look like the successful, growing company that you are.

A New Level
There is no shortage of website design companies in the universe. But the companies that understand business, marketing, engineering, advanced technologies, and e-commerce are few and far between. Synchronous Technologies is about promoting businesses on the Internet in conjunction with other marketing efforts. All of our work fits into our customers' vision and strategic plan - even if when they first contacted us, they didn't have a vision or a plan. Our experience spans many markets and business sizes, from startups to large, established companies. Do not settle for a company that provides you any less than everything you could possibly want out of your website.

The Next Step
Deciding on which company to use for your Internet solution is not an easy step. Before you do anything, we recommend you take a look at our client toolkit (accessible from our front page) to learn a little bit about site design and the Internet market. We encourage you to make contact with us. We can guide you through the complex world of e-business and help you realize your potential on the Internet. The Power to e-Anything™ is just a click away...

Synchronous Tools

Internet Commerce Engine (ICE)
iceBase Web-Based Databases
iceMaker Website Builder
Business Manager

Client Toolkit
Site Worksheet
Internet Market Research
Put Your Business on the Web

The Value of E-Commerce

E-Commerce is the future. No matter what you sell, the ability to make sales directly off of your website will improve your business. E-Commerce is growth for your business - trust Synchronous Technologies to do it right.

E-Commerce is Easy
With any web-ready merchant account, E-Commerce can be installed into your site in 2 weeks. Most of that time is used by Synchronous Technologies' strategic partner, E-Commerce Exchange (www.ecx.com), in setting up the account and verifying routing numbers. Once activated, any customer will be able to go to your site, purchase all the goods he or she desires, and fill out a simple form to transfer funds via credit card. Used by Artichoke.com, JustOriginals.com, GradePower.com, ElPinto.com, and for the sale of the "Put Your Business on the Web" book on this website, Synchronous Technologies' methods have proven effectiveness and reliability. The monthly fee is approximately $80 for software leasing, statement fee, and access fees. Each transaction is charged about 2.5% "discount rate" (this amount is taken off the total sale price for each purchase made).

Incorporating Databases Into Your Website
Our software is designed for easy integration with databases that manage products for you. With many large, complex systems in our portfolio, Synchronous Technologies has a proven record of success.

We'll Make It Happen - FAST
Using a proprietary shopping cart and checkout form, Synchronous can set up your site for E-Commerce quickly. With industry-leading uptimes and reliability, you can be assured to receive the best service and availability. Most of all, you can expect to start generating revenue off of your website - a storefront that's open 24 hours a day. If you would like to start making money with your website, contact us and set up an appointment - we can make your business flourish in this new Internet Age.

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