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Sirius Site Worksheet:

What is your company's mission?

What are your long-term goals for the company?

How does the website fit into the mission and growth of your company?

Who are your customers? Are any particular groups of customers growing or shrinking in market size?

What specific products and services do you want to display on the website? Which customers use which products?

Do you want any of these to be e-commerce enabled (so that people that visit the site can purchase them with a credit card on line)?

Do you have enough diverse products/services that you would need a database to track them all? (generally, the cutoff is if you have more than 20 unique items)

Do you have an idea of additional areas on the site that you would want displayed? (e.g., ?About Us?, ?Contact Us?, ?Map to Our Store?, etc.)

What other sites do you want to provide links to?

What non-Internet based marketing efforts will you do to promote visitors to the site? Attach a calendar or schedule of events of promotions or other marketing efforts you think you will run over the next 3 months.

How interested are you in having a professionally-developed graphical front page? (generally, outsourcing graphic design to a freelance professional graphic artist will produce better results, but costs a little more)

Does your company already have Internet access and email accounts?

Who are your competitors? Do they have websites? If so, what are their addresses?

What do you like about your competitors? websites?

How will your company differentiate itself from your competitors?

Who are your strategic partners? If you are licensing technology from other sources, list those companies here.

How much information about your site?s visitors do you want available to you? (number of visitors, number of clicks on your site, visitors' IP address, what they clicked on, etc.)

What 25 keywords best describe your site (these will be used by search engines to categorize your site)?

On a separate piece of paper, sketch out what you think a good layout for the site would be. Include how you think a visitor should navigate from each part of your site to any other part of your site.