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Why Do You Need a Database?
You probably already know that databases manage data. Most people have used spreadsheets and other simple databases on their computers at some point in their careers - so why would you want a web-based database? For businesses, it's a matter of efficiency and cost. The Internet provides a medium for everyone in your organization to work with data from anywhere in the world. With iceBase, you can harness this power, connecting your entire company to a single data center.

How Does iceBase work?
Data is securely stored in our server. Connections are made by logging into the system via web browser. Once the password has been entered, you have access to your data. Data managers can control who has access, user privileges, and data structure from one simple interface. iceBase is easy to learn, powerful, and affordable.

How much does it cost?
iceBase uses long-term licensing because we believe in our product. After a small setup fee, users need only pay a small per-user monthly fee to maintain their data. We are so confident you will like it, we offer a free 30-day trial with customer support.

So give it a try. Stop by iceBase.com and see for yourself or contact us!

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